“ Creating is as natural for me as natural is the desire to surround the objects around me with a positive sound. I devote a lot of attention to the combinations of colours and shapes analysed in the context of their mutual interactions.  To me, design is like wearing art all the time.” /KST/


Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk was born in Warsaw, September 21, 1975. She graduated form Silesian University of the name Krzystof Kieślowski, Department of Radio and Television with the title of television and film production manager. She also graduated from MBA International Marketing at the Higher School of Trade and International Finance in Warsaw. Since 2006, Kamila has participated in many projects as a graphic designer. In 2001 she opened The Artistic Advertising Agency, working on BTL/ATL design as an art director, continuing her professional profile. The designer has been creating the image of HBO in Poland for 20 years. Her greatest passion is painting. In addition, she is engaged in wall decor- painting directly on the wall of architectural interior,  an artistic wallpaper, as well as in fashion art, designing bags and other accessories.

‚When I paint I’m faithful to myself. I entrust my intuition and realise the current need of creation. I do not borrow, I give myself in creativity. I do the research like a scientist. To me, composition is the most sublime means of expressing feelings and interactions of colours and shapes with respect to one another. Much of my attention is devoted to the analysis of the colours and their mathematical role. Painting is like a scientific study. This is how I do it. Nothing is done by accident when I am in front of my easel. I like clean colours, I like clean feelings. But first I play intuitively, drawing a sketch. I just let it be. I let my pencil run through the clean canvas. This is the moment when I realise my dream. Then I carefully add final touches of colours. /KST/