Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk was born in Warsaw, September 21, 1975. She graduated form Silesian University of the name Krzystof Kieślowski, Department of Radio and Television with the title of television and film production manager. She also graduated from MBA International Marketing at the Higher School of Trade and International Finance in Warsaw. Since 2006, Kamila has participated in many projects as a graphic designer. In 2001 she opened The Artistic Advertising Agency, working on BTL/ATL design as an art director, continuing her professional profile. The designer has been creating the image of HBO in Poland for 20 years. Her greatest passion is painting. In addition, she is engaged in wall decor- painting directly on the wall of architectural interior,  an artistic wallpaper, as well as in fashion art, designing bags and other accessories.

“ Creating is as natural for me as natural is the desire to surround the objects around me with a positive sound. I devote a lot of attention to the combinations of colours and shapes analysed in the context of their mutual interactions.  To me, design is like wearing art all the time.” /KST/

Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk, commercial art designer, photographer,  manager of television and film production, has been painting and designing in wide areas of art and commercial. Since 1998 she has been drawing with an oil pastel and painting on canvas in acrylic and oil techniques. The painter is passionate about colour composition, pure abstraction or mapping reality close to abstraction. She is also interested in female portraits, still life and landscapes. Her works consist of many illustrations in the field of fashion, light sketches in pencil and a mapping pen. Professionally, over several years, Kamila has simultaneously performed a lot of work in the field of BLT/ALT graphic design for the companies, creating the brand image as an art director. Creating all kinds of corporate and identification materials (logos, brochures, newspaper advertising, web design, etc.) she revealed her favour for simplicity and minimalist but expressive style. Since 2006 Kamila has started designing hand-painted bags, and since 2015 she has been working on fashion art, creating individual projects in the field of fashion for accessories. There is a wide range of shopper bags, designer luggage, trunks and toolboxes for beauticians, pouches and sachets, also available as unisex. For architectural interior you can find decorative pillows. Everything is shrouded in Kamila’s painting, in a modern style with a hint of romance. A great passion of the designer is also a wall décor, art for walls, applying the composition of colours or abstraction in architectural interiors like apartment buildings, showrooms, restaurants, banking institutions, hotels or lofts. According to individual preferences, it is done in the form of a la wallpaper or by hand.


Opinion about the work of Kamila Tkaczyk:

“Ms. Kamila Tkaczyk attended post-secondary School of Art, where I conducted my art classes in the 90s. My subject was relevant to the style of so-called pure art and designing. The idea was to design graphic on the basis of good professional art. Ms. Kamila, as a distinguished student and then a graduate, took over a difficult but very ambitious principle, that every design coming out of your own creation will be better than the design devoid of personal artistic experiences. She sticks to this principle to this very day. Someone may say that this is a disintegration of talent, but the opposite is true. If young talented artists are ready to take up any difficult tasks of project, nothing can replace their own, personal creative experiences. On every inauguration of the academic year at the Academy of Fine Arts, the Rector- a designer from the Design Department, emphasises that it is painting, sculpture, and graphic that are still leading fields of visual arts. A great passion for painting, youth and discipline at work, which are typical for Ms. Kamila, enable her to be included to so-called ‘Titans’ or multi-instrumentalists of art, as only the most diligent and the bravest can be successful simultaneously in two, though related, but still other areas. It is often the pursuit of financial success that takes young designers from advertising companies the right to their own artistic expression. Ms. Kamila, as an ambitious boss, is not giving up the exciting challenges of design, and fully reserves this right. Her art deserves the recognition.”

/Warsaw, October 2009, Dr. Professor of art Marek Dzienkiewicz,/ 

35 years of pedagogical work in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, more that 40 years of performing art/


Kamila Tkaczyk- the secret of success:

Kamila Tkaczyk belongs to the generation of young artists. Many of her peers have been drawing and painting since childhood. Children’s and youthful passions end or are replaced by others. Interests change too easily and too often. The fact, that Kamila grew up in an artistic family probably contributed to the constant use of pastels in her drawings. There is no secret. If you want to be good at any field you have to train for many years. Most musicians do it, but after so many years they only maintain or develop their level. You can’t lose your mastery of your own free will. Not surprisingly, the abstract or close to abstract, fantastic and extremely sophisticated, full of natural beauty compositions of  Ms. Kamila bring to mind associations with masters such as Joan Miro or Maria Jaremianka. The high-level decorativeness surely cannot be a disadvantage and the evidence can be found in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco-styles, which being developed mainly outside Poland, influenced our outstanding artists. The masterpieces that represent this style are so creative that their innovativeness becomes timeless. I wish Ms. Kamila further and careful sustaining her passion. Beauty is necessary for all.

/Warsaw 2012, prof. Marek Dzienkiewicz

Wall décor:

Wall décor by Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk is the possibility to decorate the wall in the form of a painted image by the artist. It is the art for walls in any interior, for any architecture in lounges, lofts, hotel and restaurant interiors, banks or other office and corporate institutions. It is the composition of colours directly created for a specific interior, a wall painting according to individual preferences. It is alternatively an artistic wallpaper designed by the artist. It is panache and a large format what is a passion of the artist.


Fashion Art

Fashion plays a major role as the field of art, inspiration, a common denominator in broad artistic design. Observing the runways of masters, combination of colours, fabrics, patterns made the artist sensitive to the beauty of the details, glamour of forms and creative richness. Kamila is fascinated with the minimalist style and the full content of forms and shapes. This can be seen in the lines of bags and other accessories designed by her. In 2006 the designer made a series of hand-painted bags and since 2015 she has stared working on the artistic shopperbag line. She made them because of her own need, considering the fact, that she doesn’t have such a model in her wardrobe. It was specifically about the big, comfortable but light and strong bag in a modern design. The prototype tests and the refinemet of the form resulted in a line of bags that meet the needs of women who already have all the models of bags but not this one, and after the purchase they can not stop using it. Thera are also other bags such as luggage, stong, stylish and beautiful in a large format, necessary for car journeys and not only, highly artistic with impressive details and finish. A collection of minimal fabric trunks is also available in several sizes. Apart form bags, Kamila created artistic toolboxes for beauticians, unisex sachets, artistic pouches for various kinds of personal things, being an accent of beauty for connoisseur of unique things. For You as well as the interior, there are decorative pillow cases. The designer pursues further projects in the field of fashion. There are plans for the artistic upholstery for furniture, hand-painted silk for scarves, cocktail dresses, kimonos and many more.


The most important place in the work of Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk is painting. Free lines, clean stains and shape analysis are characteristic for the artist. Her own interpretation, analysis of the detail and personal communication are visible in her works. A pencil, a mapping pen, an oil pastel, polychrome crayons, acrylic and oil are favourite techniques that she uses. The figure, the object, the view next to pure abstraction and the colour composition- it is all about the artist. In 1998 a significant image was created ‘Aquarium’, which began the series of works in which the author looks at the shapes and their interaction. Kamila was influenced by a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Marek Dzienkiewicz. It can be seen in the series of works ‘Even even uneven’ form 2006, drawn with oil pastel, which was exhibited in Warsaw art galleries. The series of works has shown through the specific forms of shapes and colours that there are no even things, everything remains individual in its unique ‘unevenness’, even in the context of objects of the same appearance. This study continued in 2010-2011 in the series of works ‘Fifth Avenue’, in which she presented the sensations and impressions of each and every day. There are specific objects and figures that appear in geometric or close to geometric shapes. ‘Six feet above the ground’ form 2013 and the ‘House’ form 2014 are series of works of natural reality that include objects and interiors related to home. Kamila continues her creative work on colour composition, creating works in the field of abstraction in the form of pure paintings on canvas as well as art for walls in architectural interiors. The artist devoted much of her creative work to women’s portraits, painting them on canvas with acrylic or oil, and on cardboard with a pencil or a mapping pen. It is important for Kamila to portray the inner man of a woman. The works are often created by the painter’s experience. She identifies many of them with herself but not in a literal sense. It is rather about the emotional state, the sensitivity, the moments the artist experiences. Kamila’s passion is also fashion illustration, light graphics from the fashion art world. They are works inspired by this field of art or the material for the products that she designs.

‘When I paint I’m faithful to myself. I entrust my intuition and realise the current need of creation. I do not borrow, I give myself in creativity. I do the research like a scientist. To me, composition is the most sublime means of expressing feelings and interactions of colours and shapes with respect to one another. Much of my attention is devoted to the analysis of the colours and their mathematical role. Painting is like a scientific study. This is how I do it. Nothing is done by accident when I am in front of my easel. I like clean colours, I like clean feelings. But first I play intuitively, drawing a sketch. I just let it be. I let my pencil run through the clean canvas. This is the moment when I realise my dream. Then I carefully add final touches of colours’. /KST/

Since 2019, Kamila has been a member of the international association of Visual Artists IAVAARTS based in Florence, under the patronage of UNESCO. In 2021, Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk was included in the list of art leaders in the Australian edition of Capsules Book, 3rd edition of “Leaders in conterporary art” and CFE badge from Circle Foundation Featured Artist in Paris.