Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk, commercial art designer, photographer,  manager of television and film production, has been painting and designing in wide areas of art and commercial. Since 1998 she has been drawing with an oil pastel and painting in acrylic and oil techniques. The painter is passionate about colour composition, pure abstraction or mapping reality close to abstraction. She is also interested in female portraits, still life and landscapes. Professionally, over several years, Kamila has simultaneously performed a lot of work in the field of BLT/ALT graphic design for the companies, creating the brand image as an art director. Creating identification materials she revealed her favour for simplicity and minimalist but expressive style. Since 2006 Kamila has started designing hand-painted bags, and since 2015 she has been working on fashion art, creating individual projects in the field of fashion for accessories. There is a wide range of shopper bags, designer luggage, trunks and toolboxes for beauticians, pouches and sachets, also available as unisex. For architectural interior you can find decorative pillows. Everything is shrouded in Kamila’s painting, in a modern style with a hint of romance. A great passion of the designer is also a wall décor, art for walls, applying the composition of colours or abstraction in architectural interiors like apartment buildings, showrooms, restaurants, banking institutions, hotels or lofts. According to individual preferences, it is done in the form of a la wallpaper or by hand.